Asian Spices was started in 1978 for processing of Dehydrated Green Pepper. Since the inception, we have added to our product range, with green pepper in brine, white pepper sterilised black pepper; pink Pepper in Brine, ground spices especially chilly and turmeric.

In the processing of green pepper products like Dehydrated green pepper and fresh green pepper in brine, much care is taken to select good quality berries, since the quality, size, colour and character of products vary according to the variety of the vine, soil conditions, altitude of the land etc. But in the case of sun-dried black pepper, defects on the berries will not matter much as the end product shrinks and turns black. So green pepper processing requires much care in selection of raw berries, compared to conventional black pepper.

We follow world-class quality assurance procedures and our stay in the European market for such a long period is a clear proof of this. We have a team of competent employees, well trained in the processing unit to uphold the quality. All consignments are subject to quality control specification to shipment.

We at ASIAN SPICES, innovated an idea of processing DEHYDRATED GREEN PEPPER out of garden fresh green pepper berries using technology developed by the Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore.

Pepper Production in India

India is worlds largest producer of spices especially pepper. Other major producers of pepper are Indonesia, Malasia and Brasil followed Madgeskar, Shrikanka etc. Among the states in India, Kerala stand s first in the production of pepper. Idukki, vynad, Canannoor are the pre-dominant districts in Kerala in the cultivation of Pepper. Around countries are grown in this state of this most of them are traditional varities. Of late of members of new hybrid variets have been developed resulted in considerable improvements in the production. Panniyur a hybrid variety developed in Kerala has will accepted by the pepper growers because of the high yield.




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